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Shove it: municipalities reject waste disposal company's proposed new tariffs

Six central towns reject 80% increase in rubbish collection charges

Put private waste treatment firm on notice; “we’ll go down legal route if necessary”

The towns of Batalha, Leiria, Marinha Grande, Ourém, Pombal and Porto de Mós are having no truck with waste treatment firm Valorlis, which is seeking to increase rubbish collection tariffs by 80% for the next two years.

The municipalities have complained to State regulator ERSAR, stressing that if this option ‘fails’ to bring the right kind of results, they will go down the legal route.

Valorlis’ proposal signifies “an exponential and unjustified” increase in current tariffs, and the company is in no way cash-strapped, say the six towns incorporated within the inter-municipal communities of Região Leiria e Médio Tejo.

Indeed, they accuse Valorlis “of exaggerating investments that do not materialise, but that influence and burden the cost of the service for everyone“.

In a tough-talking statement, the vice-president of Leiria intermunicipal community, Jorge Vala, stresses difficulties already faced by local citizens.  Increasing in tariffs along lines envisaged by Valorlis would “impact on the worsening of the living conditions of the population and the financial health of the municipalities of Batalha, Leiria, Marinha Grande, Ourém, Pombal and Porto de Mós”, he said.

Giving background, Lusa explains this isn’t the first time municipalities have come out fighting Valorlis:

“In the last five years, this is at least the third time that municipalities of the Leiria region have contested Valorlis tariff increase proposals: in 2018, faced with a proposal for a cumulative increase of 85% for the following three-year period (2019-2021), ERSAR proposed a reduction of 45%.

In 2022, the municipalities again contested the 7.1% increase in the treatment of solid urban waste, from €35.40 per tonne to the current €37.90 per tonne. In other words, they weren’t successful…

It remains to be seen what ERSAR makes of this latest issue.