Six Algerians try leaping out of moving plane to enter Portugal illegally

In at least the third incidence in the last few weeks, six Algerians tried to enter Portugal illegally yesterday by jumping out of a moving TAP plane.

According to reports, the six men flew into the capital from Morocco, en-(tortuous)route for Algeria.

The flight ‘touched down in Lisbon’ and the men “tried opening the emergency doors when it was setting off across the tarmac hours later, bound for Argel, said RTP.

Getting used to these attempts during plane stopovers from Casablanca, SEF borders control agents were quick off the mark this time, and managed to detain all six men almost instantly.

The TAP flight was evacuated, just to check if there were any more aspirant runaways, and the men will now be appearing before magistrates on Monday.

This is at least the third incident since early September when five North Africans tried to make a break for it across a runway, causing the airport to shutdown.

Weeks later, a lone Algerian – again on a stop-over flight bound back to North Africa – managed to elude authorities completely, by ‘stepping out for a cigarette’. To date, no one has any idea of his whereabouts.


In another shock for the capital’s Humberto Delgado airport yesterday, a TAP plane arriving from Porto with 20 passengers burst a tyre on landing, causing the craft to tilt forwards and grind uncomfortably to a halt.

While passengers and crew escaped unharmed, the incident forced the closure of the airport for almost six hours, with various flights being diverted and/ or delayed.

The causes of the accident are being investigated by GPIAA, the department for air-accident prevention and investigation.