Today's press conference showed the perspex screens are still being used. Image: MIguel A Lopes/ Lusa

Situation of (Covid) Alert extended to May 31

Portugal’s ‘Situation of Alert’ (due to Covid-19) has been extended to May 31 – even though everyday life is showing no signs for alert whatsoever. Minister of the Presidency Mariana Vieira da Silva explained the decision, made by the Council of Ministers, follows “an increase in transmission”. Covid these days has become, in almost all cases, ‘a mild illness’, but an increase in transmission means there could be an increase in serious cases. It is all very much ‘if’ ‘could’ and ‘might’. But authorities are keen to take no chances. There is even talk of new strains of Omicron that ‘could’/ ‘might’ be more virulent than the mild strain currently dominant.