Sintra road improvements

Several projects designed to improve road safety in the Sintra area have been formally approved with work due to begin shortly. These include the final plans for the 2.5 million euro project to renovate the Sintra Hospital and Queluz roundabouts on the IC19. The improved roundabouts on the Amadora Hospital-Sintra road and in the historic area of Queluz should be finished by April 2005, according to the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication. The hospital roundabout will be improved with the alteration of the three existing lanes. The IC19 exit (Lisbon-Sintra direction) on the Queluz roundabout will be widened and a third lane from the Rio Jamor will be added. Works to widen the Queluz-Cacém road will also begin this year, according to Sintra Câmara, as well as several other projects designed to make driving easier in the area.