Sintra launches campaign to save energy

A CAMPAIGN has been launched this month in Sintra to raise greater awareness about issues relating to energy and its influence on the economy and the environment. Sintra Câmara devised the programme, alongside the Sintra Municipal Energy Agency (AMES), and called it EcoConselho (Eco-Advice), playing with the Portuguese words conselho (advice) and concelho (borough).

“How to save energy at home?”, “How to interpret an electricity bill?” and “What to do with used cooking oil?” are just some of the questions that can be answered with the new EcoConselho programme. The service makes it possible for residents to have direct contact with a specialist member of staff who can help to clarify any doubts and queries relating to energy saving. During the second and fourth weeks of every month, the council’s energy saving specialist will be on duty from 3pm to 5pm at different Gabinetes de Apoio ao Munícipe (GAMs), council support offices. On Tuesdays the specialist will be at the Sintra GAM and on Thursdays at the GAMs of Rio de Moura, Cacém and Queluz. The programme is also making available a free phone line for queries (808 206 823).

Sintra Câmara places great importance in finding solutions to reduce its dependency on energy from abroad as well as protecting the environment, and is committed to meeting the European Community and Kyoto Pact directives.