Simply the best – Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo wins top FIFA award for 5th time

Portugal’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has been honoured with yet another top accolade: FIFA’s “best footballer of the year” – a title he has now held high on five separate occasions.

At the awards gala ceremony in London last night the 32-year-old living legend dedicated this new success to his family. In typically down-to-earth style the man who has a special place in the nation’s hearts quipped that if he didn’t he’d have hell to pay when he got home.

Talking to the Telegraph later in the evening, he described the award as “just brilliant”.

But what very few of the stories about CR7 and his brilliance ever mention is how much this sporting superstar from Madeira actually helps people he has never met.

Sister Kátia Aveiro published earlier this week over social media that her brother’s latest good deed has been paying the medical expenses of 370 Portuguese people who suffered burns and injuries in the last round of devastating forest fires.

The ‘craque’ as he is called here has also recorded a message of support and admiration for the firefighters who fought so tirelessly against so many raging fronts.

But last night was not the place for serious messages. It was time for celebration – looking forwards and hoping the future has a lot more in store.

As Ronado told reporters, he’s been at the top now for 11 years. It’s a record in itself.

His first Best Player award came in 2008, then followed repeats in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Runners up this year are Ronaldo’s great rival Argentine Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar.

Back in Lisbon, the news has been greeted as “an inspiration”.

A joint statement from the Minister for Education Tiago Brandão, and secretary of state for sport João Paulo Rebelo gave CR7 a new label: “Planetary footballer”.

“The country thanks this footballer who has always shown such pride to wear the national team shirt for all his hard work, dedication, resilience and above all his will to exceed”.

The message ended with the wish that CR7 and his brilliance will get the nation celebrating again – and as the delighted star told UK journalists, that’s just what he is hoping too.

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Photo: www.facebook.com/Cristiano