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news: Simply launching

Yes to Consulting S.A. (YTC) has launched its sales manual, Simply Selling, at CascaiShopping at the FNAC outlet. Simply Selling is the work of eight YTC employees, including the company’s Managing Director, Nadine Scott, and is a sales manual, teaching readers the true art of selling.

On the day of the launch, the first speaker was Nadine Scott herself. With the aid of the book’s humorous sketches, from British illustrator David Weekes, Scott demonstrated some of the main lessons from Simply Selling. Nadine is well qualified to talk about Simply Selling, as she was the person who originally conceived the idea of YTC publishing a sales manual. Also speaking at the launch was Greg Meadowcroft, YTC Director and one of the company’s training facilitators.

Meadowcroft provided a short introduction to the innovative training courses that YTC has designed to accompany the manual. The final speaker at the launch was YTC’s Technical Manager, Rinus Callenbach, who presented two of the Simply Selling ‘tool kits’. The tool kit is an interactive and learning CD-ROM. Callenbach’s tool kits employ explanatory text, voice-over, music, video and quiz formats to make learning an easy and enjoyable experience.

After the speakers and a short ‘Q and A’ session, YTC presented a short video of the Simply Selling book launch, scheduled to take place earlier this year, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sponsored by the book’s publisher, Gramedia, and organised by Frank van Lerven, one of the book’s co-authors, the Jakarta launch was attended by 75 invitees, including Portugal’s Ambassador to Indonesia. This aptly named sales manual is not set to mould you into one particular form, but to allow your individual talent, together with the author’s experiences, to help you become part of a professional selling team.

Simply Selling, represents 20 years of experience in the sales profession – the experience of a team of people of various nationalities who have worked together throughout this period. It is a sales manual and will take you, the reader, through the process of selling. Much focus is on you, as the sales person, with practical tips and emotional support for going through the sales process. From the beginner to the hardened and seasoned sales person, everybody can learn something from this manual.

Yes to Consulting S.A (YTC) is a marketing, administration and training company based in Cascais. The company, which was founded in January 2001, is owned by 16 of its employees. The founders of YTC have many years of experience, not only in the area of sales, but also in the provision of training courses. YTC’s staff is drawn from six different nationalities – American, British, Canadian, Dutch, Portuguese and South African.

For more information about the Simply Selling book, call YTC on 214 869 145, fax 214 869 133 or e-mail [email protected]. See advertisement on this page for information about FNAC.