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Silves tests door-to-door selective rubbish collection

Pilot-project aims to increase amount of recyclable rubbish collected

Silves is testing a new door-to-door rubbish collection service in the Caixa d’Água neighbourhood and Quinta do Lagar and Quinta da Barrada urbanisations.

The goal of the pilot-project is to “encourage citizens to have a more active and conscious role in the proper management of the waste they produce.”

Says the municipal council, “after decades of promoting recycling, the rates of recycled waste are not high enough to achieve and meet the goals set by the European Union. It is therefore urgent to adopt measures that lead to a reduction in landfill deposits and an increase in waste management efficiency”.

In the areas encompassed by the municipal pilot-project, a set of small containers “adapted to residences” has already been made available to residents.

“These containers are used to selectively collect biodegradable waste, non-specific rubbish, multimaterial waste (plastic/metal, paper/cardboard, and glass), and diapers. Collection will be carried out door-to-door according to a predefined collection schedule,” the council explains.

This door-to-door collection pilot-project is part of the campaign “Silves Separating from Mountain to Sea” and aims to complement other existing projects for the selective collection of biodegradable waste from cafés, restaurants, and other similar establishments, as well as the treatment of biodegradble waste at its source, such as domestic and community composting.

The collection schedule is as follows:

  • Monday and Friday: 8pm-2am (Biodegradble waste and diapers)
  • Tuesday: 8pm-2am (Plastic and diapers)
  • Wednesday: 8pm-2am (Non-specific waste and diapers)
  • Thursday: 8pm-2am (Cardboard and diapers)
  • Saturday: 1pm-7pm (Glass and diapers)

By Michael Bruxo

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