Feira medieval de silves

Silves returns to Medieval times

This Thursday (August 10) marks the start of Silves Medieval Fair, the town’s biggest event and one of the biggest summer happenings in the Algarve.

The event will take place until August 20 and is promising once again to take visitors back in time to explore the town’s Moorish heritage.

There will be the usual stalls manned by exhibitors from all over the world, as well as musical entertainment and street performances themed around the town’s centuries-old history and taverns selling a variety of food and drinks.

With “The Mosque, Symbol and Power” as its central theme, the fair will highlight “the history of the construction and consecration of its mosque as a place of worship and symbolic manifestation in the beginnings of the Islamisation of a territory that became one of the biggest political and cultural centres of the Gharb al-Andalus”, says the local council.

Tickets for the event and its paid shows can be purchased online or at the fair, with daily tickets costing €2 per person or €8 for a group of five.

The ‘Medieval Experience’, which includes costumes, a banquet, access to paid shows and more, costs between €30 and €60 for children up to 10 and adults, respectively.