Silves President backs residents over pylons

By: Caroline Cunha

[email protected]

PRESIDENT OF Silves Câmara, Isabel Soares, has given residents in the borough’s Vale Fuzeiros area her full backing to fight against the installation of electricity pylons in the area.

At a public meeting held at Silves Câmara yesterday (Wednesday April 11), attended by around 50 people, Soares said that she had sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Energy on March 23 asking for a meeting to discuss the issue. She also confirmed that she had sent another fax that day pressuring for the meeting to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Soares told The Resident: “I am with the population, I am against the electricity pylons being installed in this area and will be discussing the matter with the Secretary of State in order to try to get the routing changed.” According to the President, the public meeting was a success.

Those who reside in the farmland between Casa Queimada and Pedreiras agree that the electricity lines, which will link electric substations between Portimão and Tunes, are necessary, but believe that the proposed location from energy company, REN, does not make any sense. They say the lines could be put just a few kilometres further north and no one would be negatively affected, as it is mainly hills and undeveloped land.

Feelings are running very high over the issue and, as well as the recent staging of a public protest involving around 100 people, over 300 people signed a petition demanding the routing for the pylons be changed.

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