Silves lynx centre almost full

A further seven Iberian lynxes have been successfully transferred to their new home at the reproduction centre in Silves.

Three lynxes named Fresco, Fresa and Fado were imported on November 16 from the El Acabuche reproduction centre at Doñana Park in Spain.

Fresco and Fresa are brothers and were placed in the same pen, which measures one hectare, while Fado was placed in a different pen.

The following day a further four lynxes, named Fauno, Foco, Eucalipto and Drago, were brought to  Silves from the La Olivilla reproduction centre in Andalucía, Spain.

Fauno and Foco were born in captivity earlier this year, while Eucalipto was born in 2008 and Drago in 2007 at the centre in Spain.

The Silves reproduction centre now has a total of 14 Iberian lynxes, with a further two expected to arrive by the end of the year.

For more information about the centre, please visit the website, available in Portuguese only, at