Silves jail to close, Olhão’s to go “females only”

The government’s 10-year plan for a €446 million upgrade of the country’s jails will see major changes for the Algarve.

Reports Correio da Manhã, Silves, where the convicted murderer of former British resident Brenda Davidson sits out his 25-year term, as does Mihai Oprea – condemned only last week for the rape and murder of Aljezur teen Bruna Nunes – faces outright closure.

CM does not explain where current inmates will go.

The infrastructure will be transformed into an “educative centre for children between the ages of 12 to 16”, says the paper – adding that further east, Olhão jail is due to go from being a prison for men to “one exclusively for women”.

Further details are likely to emerge as the government launches tenders for the various upgrades and new builds.

CM suggests Silves’ is being closed due to a combination of the age of the building and what it calls its “geographical redundancy”.

Diário de Notícias gives a few more details, saying the plan to turn Olhão into a women’s jail is definitely on the list.

As to a replacement for Silves, the paper says: “a new space will have to be found in the Algarve”.

Silves was built to house up to 58 prisoners, adds DN, but its current intake numbers 91.

This translates into what the paper calls “an occupancy rate of 156.9%”

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