Silves holds dog walk to raise money for sterilisation unit

A brand new sterilisation unit could be one of the “victories” of a charitable dog walk to be held in Silves on May 24 starting at 10am.

Organised by municipal vet Luís Aleixo, the event has three goals – to raise money for the Cadela Carlota animal association; to pay for the completion of a sterilisation unit at the town’s municipal kennel, and to raise awareness for “responsible dog ownership”.

According to animal lover and volunteer Elaine Archer, the opening of a sterilisation unit in Silves “would help people on low income neuter their dogs”, and avoiding the “horrendous situations” of unwanted puppies being dumped or, even worse, “left in rubbish bins to die from unspeakable injuries”.

The dog walk is open to everyone, with organisers simply asking people to bring with them donations of dog food. Money to go towards Cadela Carlota and the sterilisation unit will also be accepted.

The walk will begin outside the municipal swimming pools at 10am.

To take part, email: [email protected]

If you would like to volunteer as a dog walker, contact Elaine Archer (914 119 545) or Karen Breen (916 531 689).