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Silves cork factory faces uncertain future

By ELOISE WALTON [email protected]

A cultural and recreational facility near Silves castle, the Fábrica do Inglês, could close its doors due to lack of funds.

According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã (CM), the manager of Fábrica do Inglês, José António Silva, brother of Silves Câmara President Isabel Soares, has asked the local council for help to keep the facility open.

Measures proposed include Silves Câmara buying the private facility and paying monthly instalments for six months until the purchase is complete.

Fabrica do Inglês includes a variety of facilities such as a museum dedicated to the cork industry, several restaurants and bars and areas for outdoor musical or cultural events.

Once seen as an important cultural centre in the region, local residents have noticed that the Fábrica do Inglês has no regular programme of events and has been reduced to minimal opening, with very few staff.

Silves resident Lynne Smith told the Algarve Resident: “The Fábrica do Inglês took over hosting the annual beer festival from the castle, but that soon fizzled out and didn’t even take place this summer.”

She added: “It’s such a shame; the facility has so much potential but is almost always empty.”


Catarina Rocha, a resident in the Lagoa council, said: “Initially, the beer festivals used to be fairly good at the Fábrica, although they were never as busy as the ones held within the Silves castle walls.

“Sadly, it seems that the management of the Fábrica do Inglês has given up on the facility. A place with such a presence in the city should be given a helping hand from the Câmara,” she said.

According to CM, the Fábrica do Inglês has debts of around 6.5 million euros and cannot keep up with repayments.

The proposal given to Silves Câmara by José Silva, which includes the monthly payment of 12,550 euros for six months to keep the facility running, was due to be discussed at a council meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

At the time the Algarve Resident went to press on Wednesday, no one was available to comment from Fábrica do Inglês or Silves Câmara.

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