Silves Câmara monitors private beach deal

Silves Mayor wants to ensure that the interests of the local population are safeguarded following the sale of a stretch of private beach in Armação de Pêra.

In a press statement last week, Mayor Rogério Pinto said he was due to meet with the new owners (part of the Vila Vita Group), the Secretary of State for the Environment, ARH-Algarve and the Armação de Pêra parish council, among other entities, to discuss the sale of part of Praia dos Pescadores, which has been privately-owned since 1913.

He wants assurance that the interests of the community and fishermen who operate in that area will be taken into account.

As reported in the Algarve Resident edition of January 4, a company linked to the German group that owns Vila Vita Parc, near Porches, has invested €200,000 in the purchase of the three-hectare stretch of private beach.

The company will be transferring the land to the State “for the benefit of the community”.

Interviewed by the Algarve Resident, Manuel Cabral, group administrator at Vila Vita Parc, said the whole area would be redeveloped and turned into a desirable location for free use by the public.

“We are willing to pay up to €300,000 to help in the complete redevelopment of the area, including the creation of a green space, a car park and the relocation of the football pitch,” he said.

Included in the purchase deal, the group will be requesting it is granted one of the beach restaurant concessions.

A meeting with the government is yet to take place to discuss details of the deal.