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Signage cleanup in Loulé

Advertising signage across the municipality of Loulé is to be standardised by the Câmara to make information easier to see while also combating illegal signage.

Existing signs will now follow a standard format and any illegal signage will be removed as part of the initiative, with businesses which currently have illegal signs being asked to come forward to make applications for new legal signage.

Any entity in the municipality may apply for up to three legal signs indicating the direction of a business of where a business is located within a two kilometre radius and need to provide the Câmara with documentation about the signs, including the geo reference coordinates.

A spokesman from Loulé Câmara said: “The image of the municipality of Loulé needs to be improved in order to provide a better quality of life for residents and to be a more attractive destination for tourists.

“Advertising in some places within the municipality is excessive in density and is damaging the image of the region. Instead clear and objective information about the location of establishments is essential to help boost the economic activity of Loulé municipality.”

Businesses looking to register advertising signage or for further information should apply to Loulé Câmara and consult Regulamento e Tabela de Taxas e Licenças Municipais da Câmara Municipal de Loulé (Aviso n.º 22742/2009, DR 2ª Série, nº 243, de 17/12/2009).

For further information, please call Loulé Câmara on 289 400 600.