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Sighting in Marrakech


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Olegário Sousa confirmed that the PJ has followed up a tip-off from a Norwegian woman who called Spanish authorities saying she was sure she had seen Madeleine McCann in a petrol station in Marrakech, Morocco.

However, “things between countries don’t work as fast as people would like them to work and even journalists have been having some difficulties there, as far as we know,” said the PJ chief-inspector.

Mari Olli, quoted in a Portuguese newspaper, said she was absolutely sure the “little blonde girl with a very special face” she saw in North Africa was Madeleine. The incident happened on the morning of May 9 and she reported the alleged sighting when she returned home to Malaga in Spain, but she says she was “ignored” by Spanish police. She then told Scotland Yard in the UK last week and was contacted by the PJ earlier this week.