Sierra issues anti-inflation cheques to employees

The owner of the Colombo Shopping Centre in Lisbon has issued anti-inflation cheques of €500 to 710 staff.

According to Eco Online news, Sierra, which owns both Colombo and NorteShopping, has issued the cash to help 79% of the staff who work for the company.

“Faced with the inflationary times in which we are living, Sonae Sierra will help those staff who are most exposed to the general increase in the cost of living,” says Inês Drummond Borges, Chief Transformation Officer of Sierra, the real estate branch of the Sonae Group.

“The company has decided to award an additional sum of €500 in December to 79% of its staff, a total of 710 people in the various geographies in which it operates”,

“Bearing in mind the different countries in which we operate, the payment will be made in the most suitable way for each region”.

Sonae Sierra operates in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and Morocco.

During the Christmas period, Sierra also provided “all of its staff two and a half days extra off in additional holidays”.


Source: Essential Business