Sick Eurovision star’s heart specialist in hot water over “controversial remarks”

Cardiologist Manuel Carrageta is in hot water over comments made during an interview about the proposed transplant surgery for his famous patient – Portugal’s first ever Eurovision song contest winner Salvador Sobral – in dire need of a new heart.

Carrageta told his interviewer that “with the first rains come car accidents and the offer of healthy hearts increases”.

His inconvenient take on other people’s tragedies has been widely criticised online.

Says PT Jornal, “for some readers it implied a morbid desire for the benefit of Salvador Sobral”.

Meantime, the young singer remains interned in Lisbon’s top heart hospital, where he has been for the last few weeks.

Carregeta told TV Guia that his patient is “not going to die” from heart problems, and that essentially, everyone is just waiting for the moment the right heart becomes available.

Sobral’s songwriter sister Luísa has also said she is planning for her brother’s return to the stage and has “already written a new song, for when he records his next album”.

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