SIC TV sacks Tarot card reader who told victim of domestic violence to “spoil her husband”

The television Tarot card reader who shocked the nation when she advised a victim of domestic violence to try “spoiling her husband and treating him as a mother would treat a son” has been sacked, according to national press.

The decision by SIC television station was made following a pouring of outrage, which resulted in around 200 official complaints to ERCS, the authority that regulates media standards.

SIC has yet to officially confirm the news, but Público newspaper claims a source from the channel guarantees Carla Duarte was fired.

The clip of the card reader telling her caller to get on with the marriage she has chosen, “however difficult it may be”, went viral on the same day it aired (June 2).

The caller had told Duarte that she had been suffering from domestic violence for “40 years” (click here).

“When we give love, we receive love, even if it is in less quantity. When we give violence, we receive violence. If you receive violence, cut this cycle and don’t give violence – even if it is in words, however difficult this might be,” advised the Tarot card reader.

Duarte also tells the caller to stay calm, patient and mother-like with her husband “so that things do not get worse”.

“You know him well,” she concludes. “And know how he can be.”

The following day, Duarte appeared on SIC’s afternoon talk show to apologise.

“I truly made a mistake. I agree that I didn’t deal with the matter very well. Therefore, I apologise to all who felt outraged by my words, which are of my full responsibility,” she said.

A few days later, SIC released a statement distancing itself from Duarte’s controversial advice to her caller.

“SIC vehemently condemns any act of violence and always contributes to the discussion of this social problem in its informational and fictional programmes,” the station said.

Meantime, the card reader has told TV7 Dias magazine that she has received threats through social networks, and that her daughter is being bullied at school.

Carla Duarte has also said she has tried to contact her caller. “I’d like to help her, if she’d want me to”.

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