“Shut down solariums”, says skin cancer association

As World Melanoma Day (May 15) approaches, APCC, Portugal’s skin cancer association, has called for the closure of all solariums in line with bans introduced in Brazil and Australia.

“People have to accept that solariums induce skin cancer”, APCC president Osvaldo Correio told Lusa, adding: “This year more international studies – some in which Portugal participated – have demonstrated the relationship between exposure to solariums and the increased risk of skin cancers”.

Correio lamented the fact that it has taken ‘years’ to see solariums shut down.

A movement in Ireland, for example, is still campaigning for a ban even though the World Health Organisation recognised solariums as carcinogenic “several year ago”.

As to the ongoing risks of skin cancer in this sunshine climate, Correio stressed the importance of people self-examining and changing their habits.

A recent European study found that although 80% of people use sunscreen when they go to the beach, only 20% use it or wear protective clothing (like hats and long-sleeves) when they’re out and about, playing sport or simply spending time outside.

These people should be aware that 13,000 new cases of skin cancer are expected in Portugal for 2019 – more than 1,000 of which are likely to be full-blown melanomas (the most dangerous form of skin cancer), said Correio.

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