Showtime for Stage School

news: Showtime for Stage School

Pupils of Stage School, under the direction of Leanne Poundall and Beverley Rogers, performed an end-of-term Christmas show to a packed audience in the Ondamar hotel in Albufeira. To add to everyone’s delight, Clive Dunn and family were among the audience. The man himself came to the stage at the end to give a word of praise to the children and to tell a few funny ditties in his usual way. The children sold raffle tickets and raised 350 euros for local children’s orphanage, Pirilampos. The Stage School, which includes dancing, drama and singing, has children aged six to 17 years old and practises every Saturday morning at the hotel.

• Leanne (966 059 756) and Beverley (969 076 289) wish to invite new students to join.