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Shout Out Louds in Lisbon

Indie rock band Shout Out Louds will be performing at Santiago Alquimista in Lisbon on April 8.

Formed in Stockholm by childhood friends Adam Olenius (vocals), Ted Malmros (bass), and Carl von Arbin (guitars), Shout Out Louds found an international audience during the early 2000s with their peppy Swedish pop.

The line-up began taking shape in 2001, with drummer Eric Edman and keyboardist Bebban Stenborg climbing aboard shortly thereafter. In 2003, the group released its first album, Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, to great acclaim in Sweden.

The band spent the following year touring, releasing additional material Please Please Please, Very Loud/Wish I Was Dead, and the Oh, Sweetheart EP, and inking an American deal with Capitol Records.

The band’s 2007 album Our Ill Wills, produced by Björn Yttling, was a sombre, melancholy affair, replete with icy synths and Cure-inspired vocals.

Another round of tour dates kept the band mates busy until mid-2008, at which point they decided to take a half-year hiatus.

March 2009 found the musicians reconvening in Stockholm to write new material, and by August the band had decamped to Seattle to begin recording with producer Phil Ek. Work arrived in early 2010.

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