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Shout against animal abuse

Dear Editor,

After I wrote about the protection of animals the first time (Algarve Resident, March 18), I got quite a response, so I think that the topic is important to some people and I would like to ask you to publish my follow-up letter about this important topic.

I was very happy to read some responses to my letter about the protections of animals.

Honestly I am wishing for as much response and action as the issue about the tolls on the A22 received.

I know that the A22 topic is closer to us and seems more pressing, but at the end stopping the daily abuse of animals is more important and we all can do our bit.

A quick newsflash from the puppy that got beaten and kicked regularly on the balcony opposite of our apartment.

I have been holding the camera ready in video mode to get proofs and report our neighbours to the GNR.

Here is information I got from a reader (thank you!) which I would like to pass to everyone:

If anyone encounters animal abuse, you can contact SEPNA – Serviço de Protecção da Natureza e do Ambiente on their 24 hour helpline 808 200 520.

This is the branch of the GNR police that deals with nature and environment cases which includes as animal abuse.

But so far I have not seen any abuse on the balcony since I shouted at them twice with some broken Portuguese. I am normally rather quiet, but this was effective.

So, I would like to encourage all of you to take action instead of looking away! Do not be scared, because I have found that mostly these actions are not malicious.

They result from being “uninformed” or “uneducated” about animals, that they are not “things”, but have feelings as well.

Many people here just don’t know how to read the signs from animals and how to treat them! So I have big hope that education can change this attitude in Southern countries. And if it is “only” talking to your neighbour that having five dogs in small cages is animal cruelty.

By the way, does anyone know if there are legal minimum requirements about cages and the length of leashes? If not, it is time for a petition, like the one about bullfights, which I invite everyone to sign. Here is a shortened link to the original version: and this is an automatic translation into English: Please also have a look at and

I am sure that a mixture out of personal contact, education in the media, with leaflets, booths in supermarkets and legal actions is the right way to go.

I would also like to especially encourage all readers to exchange their stories about similar experiences and how they took action or how they are going to take action about it!