Shots fired at police trying to break up weekend party in Elvas

Shots were fired at police trying to break up a late night party involving around 20 people in the Belhó area of Elvas over the weekend.

Say reports, stones and bottles were also thrown while someone appears to have tried to set a pitbull on advancing agents.

After the arrival of a more ‘muscled response’ team, four people were arrested, three of whom had to be treated in hospital due to injuries reportedly sustained while resisting arrest.

PSP police were called to the scene shortly after midnight (ie in the early hours of Sunday morning). The first patrol heard two shots and taunts coming from the property in question suggesting ‘no one was prepared to leave’.

It was after the arrival of a ‘rapid response team’ of agents that the door finally opened, at which point a pitbull emerged followed by a group of men in no mood to ‘come quietly’.

All involved will be appearing in court later today (Monday).

The firearm used to fire the initial shots was not discovered on site, reports tabloid Correio da Manhã, which suggests everyone attending the party could face prosecution for the crime of disobedience.

This was the worst incident facing authorities over a weekend in which thousands of drivers were seen on the roads, and in numerous cases, stopped by police and sent back from whence they had come.

Say reports, “an average of 20% of drivers questioned were unable to give any justification for being out on the road”.

Efforts to keep restrictions in place are being increased this week ahead of the May Day bank holiday weekend, during which time all citizens are obliged to stay within their borough of residence (click here).

Police stops up and down the country also detected 16 people ‘infected with Covid-19’ out and about, breaking rules of confinement. The 16 now face being charged with the crime of ‘propagating an infectious disease’.

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