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Shot dead in street following ‘flirty remarks made to young woman”

Victim gunned down in Costa da Caparica

Street violence at night in and around the capital has claimed the life of another young person this weekend – this time a 28-year-old man who reportedly indulged in some flirty remarks towards a young woman as she went into a corner shop around 1am on Saturday.

What a corner shop was doing open at 1am is not explained. The young man was among a small group of friends “chatting and drinking” in the street (Avenida General Humberto Delgado). He was not the only one in the group to ‘compliment’ the girl, who on leaving the corner shop, got into a waiting car.

“The driver saw what had taken place, and without exiting the vehicle, at this point” (the point where the young woman had entered the vehicle) got out a gun and fired at least two shots. He then set off at high speed into one of the busiest streets of Caparica”, explains Correio da Manhã.

His victim was left protrate on the pavement, bleeding from bullet wounds. His friends rushed him to the corner shop “where they asked for help”. INEM (medical emergency) and local firefighters “managed to revert the first cardiac arrest”, and the victim was transported still living to São José hospital, in Lisbon, “but did not survive”.

None of the victims were able to give police a description of the car, or the driver “as they were all drunk and everything happened in a few seconds”, says CM.

The owners of commercial premises in the area “also say they saw nothing”.

It is possible this was a ‘premeditated hit’, understands the paper. The victim had a history of drug-trafficking.

PJ police are now investigating.

The shooting took place roughly 60 metres from the local maritime police station, and only 150 metres from the nearest GNR police station.

CM adds that locals in the area have repeatedly complained to authorities about noise in the streets late at night, principally because of “various establishments remaining open up until up to 4am”.

This was the second ‘shooting from a car’ in areas close to Lisbon in the last week.

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