Short period of grace over complaints’ book

NEW LEGISLATION threatens fines of between 250 euros and 30,000 euros for service providers who fail to provide a complaints’ book. But a short period of tolerance to non-compliance will last until the second half of January. The leniency stems from recognition that excessive demand has caused distribution problems.

The law stipulates that a whole array of service providers – including petrol stations, hairdressers, chemists and old people’s homes through to health centres and gymnasiums – must provide a complaints’ book, a procedure already obligatory throughout all state sector service providers.

The book was also compulsory in all restaurants and bars, tourist establishments and private health clinics, but new legislation now enforces the requirement in all activities providing a service to the public.

Centres that sell and repair cars, car parks and launderettes are required to have a complaints’ book, as are all transport providers – be they rail, sea, river, bus or plane carriers. Crèches and recreation centres will also be expected to comply.