Shopping malls will have grown 25% by 2007

THE PORTUGUESE shopping mall market will have grown 25 per cent by 2007, according to property service company Jones Lang LaSalle. At present, there are 27 new shopping centres being developed in the country.

Without specifying locations, the company said that 15 would be up and running by next year, including four new retail parks and two leisure centres. The hot news is the announcement of the opening of Amorim’s Dolce Vita Tejo in Amadora, which promises to be the largest shopping centre in the country, overtaking Colombo and Almada Forum.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle, Greater Lisbon (36 per cent) and Porto (20 per cent) continue to be the regions with the largest concentrations of shopping malls. However, the concentration of malls in Portugal’s central region (15 per cent) and Setúbal (12 per cent) will represent the majority of the new malls.