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Shopping made easy

With Baptista’s website, your groceries are just a click away

With the Baptista Supermarket website, everything is easier. The free home delivery service reflects the supermarket’s concern for meeting customers’ needs, as owner Rui Baptista understands that “for customers to receive an improved level of experience”, this website is essential. Rui Baptista’s sense of community is clear in the way he relates to customers, sometimes taking care of the orders himself, ensuring the best quality. Creating the website, with a free home delivery service, means that things will be even simpler for customers, both regulars and tourists who have just discovered the Luz supermarket.

Aware that the traditional shopping list is over, he underlines the importance of adapting to a simpler way of shopping, “where people click on the different products and make their choices from the menus”. If clients want to add comments, like brand or product preferences, they simply “place a note with the order, and the team takes care of the rest”, Rui explains. If the customer has forgotten a product, he suggests “sending an email straight away, to ensure that everything is added to the shopping basket”.

Despite proving to be a complex process, there is a need to provide an intuitive experience for customers. But it’s all worth it. Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of the team that puts together the content, the Baptista website details the company’s history, contact information, as well as the images and text to guide customers through the buying process, both in Portuguese and English.

Place your orders at [email protected] or call 282 780 300/ 282 780 303.
(chamada para a rede fixa nacional / call to the national landline)

Should you like to shop in person, Baptista Supermarket is located in Praia da Luz, Lagos, in the beautiful Algarve region.

Two employees of Baptista Supermaket with bags of groceries to deliver free at their customers' request

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