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Shopping crisis in Portimão city centre

A total of 100 traditional shops out of 300 in Portimão have closed down since 2009, announced the president of the city’s business association.

Paulo Pacheco from the Associação de Comércio de Portimão told Lusa news agency that many business owners are finding themselves struggling with the effects of the crisis, tough competition from large scale shopping centres and the lack of parking spaces in the city and thus are being forced to close their doors.

He said: “Some businesses have been resisting the crisis and are just about keeping their heads above water, but many others are likely to follow suit and close down.” In 2011, there were around 200 shops in Portimão while in 2009 there were 300.

In the Portimão area alone, there are four large scale shopping centres – Aqua Portimão, Retail Centre, Retail Park and Continente.

Paulo Pacheco says it is paramount to develop innovative marketing strategies and put them into action urgently in order to save traditional commerce.

As a consumer, what do you think traditional shops should do to generate more business?

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