Shopping centres

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your article dated May 2 2008 regarding shopping complexes planned in the Algarve.

As a resident of Tavira, I would welcome the added facilities. The area needs the growth to be controlled and I fully understand any reservations individuals may have but the area as a whole needs to progress as to better facilities and infrastructure.

I work on major projects in Dubai and although everything out here is to the extreme, a lesson could be learned by local camara officials if they visited the area and view what can be achieved.

Not on the scale of Dubai but as to the style and use of materials so as to minimise long term maintenance issues.

Portugal has some of the best skilled trades in Europe and it would be an example to the region to have shopping outlets built which reflect the local area and also bring in outward investment.

The company I am working for has developments going in Morocco and Tunisia. These will be large scale Mall developments based on designs in Dubai.

Mike Rewcastle, Dubai