Shootout with police in Barreiro leaves one dead, three injured and five on the run

With the country focused on the ongoing manhunt for “bad Rambo” Pedro Dias (click here), little has been made of the shootout in Barreiro last (Saturday) night, which left one man dead, another seriously injured and two PSP agents recovering from being run-over.

As we write this text, at least five members of the heavily-armed gang foiled as it attempted to break into the Continente hypermarket at Verderena were reported still to be ‘on the run’.

Explained superintendent Viola Silva, “right now, we are trying to locate these individuals. This was a very serious situation. The attackers were heavily armed and they shot at PSP agents. These are very dangerous people and it is important that we catch them soon”.

The alleged gang “wore balaclava-type headgear, gloves and bullet-proof vests”, Viola Silva told Expressso.

The attack on police took place around 11.30pm on Saturday, after a call came through to the local fire station.

A police patrol car arriving on the scene “was shot at by the raiders” who were armed with “at least” one machine gun, a shotgun and a pistol, writes Expresso.

Some of the gang “immediately” made their getaways, which is how the two PSP agents came to be run over, explained PSP public relations spokesperson Maria do Céu.

In the aftermath, police recovered four weapons: a pistol, a revolver, a machine gun and a shotgun, adds noticiasaominuto.

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