Shoes with a sense of humour

news: Shoes with a sense of humour

WHAT DO you do when someone steals your only pair of shoes? This was the predicament facing French-born Sophie on a bohemian holiday across Europe. And, happily for the rest of us, it proved to be a “catalyst moment” – from then on, Sophie knew she had to make shoes…

These days, Sophie’s west Algarve workshop dances with riotous handmade shoes, boots and sandals, shouting their individuality from the multicoloured shelves and daring anyone and everyone to buy them. This is, without a doubt, footwear with a sense of humour – fabulous leathers, beautiful designs and artistic touches here and there…the sort of shoes and boots you never want to take off.

“Shoes have always been really important to me. If I ever wanted to give a present to someone, I always ended up buying them shoes”, says Sophie. She arrived in the Algarve to set up her business in the late 90s, choosing rural Barão de São João, near Lagos, as the ‘perfect place’ to work and live. She sells her shoes direct from her workshop, via the Loja da Joana in Praia de Luz, as well as London and France, and is always happy to take on special commissions or projects.

“I have got infinite ideas for shoes, but the most important thing is that they have to be comfortable, look original and be strong. It is important that they let you bounce – bounce and dance!”

• For further information, call Sophie on 963 767 039 or visit