90-year-old Jaquelina who lives in Silves collected her box from the locally-based Castelo de Sonhos family support shop

Shoeboxes full of heart-warming gifts bring smiles to the elderly

The 2020 16th Annual Christmas Shoebox Campaign for the Elderly has “once again been a tremendous success”, said organisers.

Over 250 boxes were collected and delivered. Volunteers at the Silves-based Castelo de Sonhos (CdeS) charity were able to reach many more elderly folks this year.

CdeS would like to send “a big thank you” to everyone who contributed, in particular the following:

– Nada Louw & the Moonlighters International Group
– Members of Silves Rotary Club
– Shelley Foley
– Kathleen Kuys & friends
– The Algarveans Theatre Group
– Donna McFadden & friends in Guia
– The volunteers at the CdeS charity shop
– The “Ladies Who Knit” – special thanks go to Sheena Rawcliffe for knitting warm blankets, hats and scarves

“To everyone who donated shoeboxes and to all our supporters we wish you a Happy New Year” – Castelo de Sonhos