Shocking footage of “aggression that is becoming commonplace” against Lisbon police

Shocking video footage of the moment in which an angry man starts attacking a Lisbon PSP agent is doing the rounds of social media today with the uncomfortable message that this is, in fact, nothing new.

Discussions in the media agree that violence against the police is becoming commonplace, both in the capital and elsewhere.

This particular incident played out at the popular viewing point Miradouro da Santa Catarina, in the Bairro Alto, and according to online posts, the attacker “left court a free man ahead of the victim”.

It is still unclear what led to the attack – which tabloid Correio da Manhã says took place on October 1 – but as commentators have mused: “If the police cannot protect themselves, how can they protect citizens?”

The short video can be seen here: click here

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