“Shocking” Almancil town to be revamped


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Work to redevelop the “shocking state” of Almancil town centre was launched with a public ceremony attended by many local residents on May 8.

Loulé Câmara President Seruca Emídio described Almancil as being “shocking to tourists and visitors” because of its degradation and said: “The works in Almancil are key to the urban rehabilitation of the area.”

Works, which are due to cost more than 2.3 million euros, will take place along a 1.6 kilometre starting at the roundabout at Vale de Éguas and finishing at the end of Rua da Quinta das Chaminés and are scheduled to be completed within seven months.

Not only will the road surface and flow be improved, there will also be works on existing infrastructure to modernise lighting on the route, the sewage system and telecommunications connections.

The road will remain two way, with the addition of new central reservations, traffic islands and improved intersection road markings while safe, legal and accessible parking will also be created on the developed route.

A major feature of the road development is the removal of road margins to be replaced with pavements with a minimum width of 1.6 metres making the road more suitable for urban use.


Two new roundabouts have been planned, one at the junction of Rua Mendonça Fermenteiro and the other, which is still having the plans finalised, to be built at the crossroads of Rua do Comércio and Rua Maria Campina.

British resident Judy Sharp has offices in Almancil and told the Algarve Resident: “I think it will be a very good thing when the works are completed and it is inevitable that there will be disruption while the works take place.

“I would question the wisdom of starting redevelopment at the beginning of the summer season, however I am sure it will be worth it when it is all done.”

Speaking at the official launch of the development work, Seruca Emídio described the importance of the project for urban renewal projects and referred to the current road as having a negative impact on tourists and visitors to the area, who have to use the road to access the coastal resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo.

Other improvements to the Almancil area include a further 33.3 million euros in investment for drainage and sewage works on Rua da República and Avenida 5 de Outubro, the upgrading of the Estrada Vale de Éguas, Escanxinas and Curva da Floresta on the road between Almancil and Quinta do Lago and improvements to the link between Almancil and Quarteira, including new pedestrian walkways. 

“These works in the Almancil parish are only possible due to the discipline and competence of the management of parish funds. Much of the money for the works has come from local tax payers so it is only fair that the local people benefit from the improvements,” he said.