Shock over newborn dumped in ditch

A newborn baby girl was pronounced dead yesterday by rescue workers who did everything they could to revive her.

The tiny baby appears to have been ‘dumped in a ditch’ in a rural area of the borough of Odemira.

A local person spotted her just before midday.

By the time authorities got to her, she was still showing “signs of life” but could not be saved.

PJ police are investigating.

The tragic news has shocked the community of Boavista dos Pinheiros, which will now be trying to work out if there is anyone among them who could be the child’s mother.

As stories have explained, authorities believe the mother will have given birth very shortly before leaving her daughter to the mercy of the elements.

One of the firefighters who assisted recovery efforts told television journalists that “things like this have happened before, but not for a long time”.

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