Shock as neighbourly disputes end in shotgun death

Arrest || A 60-year-old man reported to be unpopular with neighbours was gunned down at the weekend in Santiago do Cacém allegedly by an 80-year-old who lived in the apartment beneath him.

António Gamito had recently come out of hospital and is reported to have been “tormented by the constant noise” made by his upstairs neighbour José Roberto.

Locals told Correio da Manhã that Roberto was known for “tormenting” tenants, and had actually threatened one with death.

When he was returning home on Saturday, Gamito is understood to have been waiting for him from a window of his upstairs apartment.

Roberto “avoided the first shot” but the second “hit him in the arm and stomach” and he died at the scene, “despite efforts made by rescue services”.

Gamito was later taken into police custody.

Meantime, in Alenquer, the peace of a café in Carregado as it was near to closing time was shattered by a client as he let off two shots aimed at the “daughter of the proprietor”.

The girl was hit in the head, but released three hours later from hospital.

Her aggressor was run to ground by PJ police, who found a small arsenal of illegal weapons in his home.

The man is due to be heard in court.