Shepherd discovers body pitted with stab wounds

A shepherd discovered the body of a young man pitted with stab wounds this week as he moved with his cattle on pasture beside a main road in Penalva, in the municipality of Barreiro.

There is no doubt as to cause of death – the stab wounds were clearly visible – nor does there seem to be doubt that it occurred elsewhere (as there was no blood at the scene).

According to reports, PJ police believe the man was murdered up to a week before he was found, as the body showed advanced signs of decomposition.

An autopsy may be able to explain some of the circumstances behind the death, and with luck will point to the man’s identity.

The dead man appears to have been around 30 years old and was dressed in what Correio da Manhã describes as “clothes for construction work”.

UPDATE: The body has been identified as that of 35-year-old Daniel Mendes, of Palmela. Mr Mendes had been reported missing by his family on September 29. A police source has said it is now a matter of trying to set date and circumstances of death which will hopefully lead to discovery of the person, or people, responsible.

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