ShelterBox arrives  in Portugal

International disaster relief charity ShelterBox has now been officially registered in Portugal.  Associação ShelterBox Portugal was registered in Maia as a legally recognised non profit organisation with Rotary Club Estoi Palace International member Claire Larson being part of the official signing.

Initial plans for ShelterBox Portugal are to fund and stock 200 fully packed boxes in Portugal which will then be available for distribution in case of emergency in Southern Europe and North Africa.

ShelterBox provides international disaster relief by delivering boxes of aid including a waterproof tent and lifesaving equipment for up to 10 displaced people.

The charity was first established in 2000 and, so far, more than one million people in more than 60 countries have received emergency assistance from the organisation.

While ShelterBox has close ties with the Rotary, it is an independent organisation and all members of the community are encouraged to support the initiative.

A demonstration ShelterBox is available in the Algarve and ready to be displayed to interested groups.  For further information please call 916 787 925 or email [email protected]