Shed loads of boats

news: Shed loads of boats

BOATSHED.COM, the innovative and cost-effective yacht brokerage service, have added the Algarve to their long list of Europe-wide offices.

Now, local sailing enthusiasts looking for a new boat can visit the Boatshed Algarve office in Albufeira Marina and access the company’s online database for accurate, up-to-date information on all kinds of vessels, from yachts to motorboats.

Boatshed is unique in that every boat offered for sale is viewed, photographed and evaluated in person by knowledgeable staff. This information, together with up to 65 digital photographs, is loaded onto the website and displayed in the Boatshed offices.

Clients wishing to sell their boat will be delighted by Boatshed’s ‘no sale, no fee’ approach, together with access to over 35,000 pre-registered, potential clients and a listing on the company website, which receives over eight million hits a month.

Boatshed is the fastest growing yacht brokerage network in Europe. The first branch opened just five years ago and there are now 20 offices in six countries.

Sailing enthusiast, Russell Francis, operates the Algarve office, but he first tested the water by working for another yacht brokerage in the region during the summer of 2004. On his return to the UK, he discovered

As Russell says, “whether coincidence or fate, the match was perfect. My love of the Algarve region, together with my desire to get out on the water at every opportunity, made this an obvious and appealing new business”.

He continued: “Our mission is to offer a wide choice of craft to existing enthusiasts and grow the market by encouraging new boat owners to take to the water with confidence and ease.”

The company’s official launch party will take place on Saturday, May 28, between 4pm and 7pm, to coincide with the Albufeira Marina inaugural regatta, which the company is co-sponsoring.