Sharp-eyed local spots potential cliff fall in Portimão

Firemen were called to João de Arens beach in Portimão on Friday afternoon after a sharp-eyed local spotted a chunk of cliff “in imminent risk of collapse”.

A timely call to authorities saw a special team of firemen swing into action, using ropes to reach the area and provoke a controlled landslide.

According to press reports, a “block of rock weighing at least half a ton” was sent crashing on to the beach 30 metres below. Firemen then set about removing other loose stones that could eventually have fallen onto the sands.

As Correio da Manhã explains today, João de Arens beach is “overall frequented by nudists”.

This is just the latest incident where controlled landslides have been required along a coastline that is pitted with signs, warning beachgoers of the dangers posed by unstable cliffs.

According to APA, the Algarve’s environmental agency, 75 beaches are still at risk from falling rocks.

Less than three weeks ago, Albufeira’s Maria Luísa beach suffered a major rockfall, fortunately during the night. No-one was affected, which was not the case six years before when a daytime collapse killed five people and seriously injured three others.

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