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Shark takes fisherman for a ride

A man sea-fishing from a kayak was left wishing he had a bigger boat when he was dragged for half a mile after hooking a 1.8 metre shark.

Rupert Kirkwood, 51, was fishing from the tiny craft a mile off the Devon coast in the Bristol Channel when he hooked a 29.5kg tope shark.

The species is harmless but that did not stop the fish turning tail and dragging Rupert Kirkwood, a conservationist and vet, along behind it in his small kayak.

He told them he had been sitting on the sea off Ilfracombe in poor weather for four hours without a bite when he felt a “great tug” on the line, which was baited with mackerel.

“These creatures are known to do a run and it was just like Jaws – the line flew off the reel for what seemed like about 10 seconds.

“It was thrilling to catch something that big and it knocks spots off anything I have landed before,” he said. The shark caught was later released unharmed.