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Shape up with expert Rosemary Conley CBE


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ROSEMARY CONLEY CBE, one of UK’s most renowned diet and fitness experts, has spoken to The Resident of her love for the Algarve, her latest projects – and her pre-launch trial of Nintendo’s latest game.

Having started her professional career as a secretary and in the Tupperware business, Rosemary was struck by fame after promoting the Hip and Thigh diet at her local slimming group.

“I was suffering with gall stones and created my own low fat diet, which made me lose weight on my hips and thighs, and that was it,” said Rosemary, adding: “I travelled around the world to promote the diet and the first book quickly sold out.”

Her current weight loss programme is a progression of the hip and thigh diet which combines a low fat and low GI diet with exercise. Now, around 20 years after her first book hit the best sellers list, Rosemary is still passionate about exercise as well as writing books, presenting fitness videos, publishing a monthly magazine and working on her Diet and Fitness clubs, one of the top three diet organisations in the UK.

“I am a great believer in exercise and I even use a facial exerciser to strengthen the face muscles and tighten the skin naturally, without using plastic surgery.” she said.

“I am often asked if I would have a face lift, but I always say ask me when I’m older because I just don’t feel I need it.”

Fitness game

Rosemary has also been playing with Nintendo Wii’s latest fitness game, ahead of its official launch and said that she thinks it’s fantastic. “My family and I have been playing and competing with each other in our new holiday home in Pinheiros Altos. I have done step aerobics, ski jumping, jogging, slalom and hoola hooping, which is the hardest so far.”

Rosemary, who has owned a house in the Algarve for nine years, said that she loves the region because of its friendly and welcoming people as well as the fantastic weather.

“I think that the Algarve has great potential to be a prime destination for health, fitness and wellbeing tourism because there are so many quality spas in the region.”

Having met Dr Thomas Kaiser at the Vale do Lobo medical centre during one of her stays, he and Rosemary started discussing the possibility of working on a project together here in the Algarve.

“I have been doing annual week long diet and fitness holidays for 23 years in Austria and I love it because people really look forward to it, they enjoy a very positive environment and then they go home completely refreshed and motivated to make a change for the better in their lives.”

This year, Rosemary and Dr Kaiser are organising the first diet, fitness and wellbeing holiday to take place at Vale do Lobo between June 1 and 8.

For more information about Rosemary Conley’s holiday programme, please telephone the Vale do Lobo medical centre on 289 398 065.

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