Shame on you!

By: Mike Almond

[email protected]

THE SPECIAL email address set up by The Resident over the weekend for people to send messages of support to the McCann family had a fantastic response.

The hundreds of emails received proved just how caring and thoughtful the majority of people are.

From Dubai to Dublin, Iceland to France and the UK to the USA, people expressed marvellous, and often moving, sentiments.

However, a few left me feeling disappointment, shame – and a lot of anger. For there are some people out there who are, quite simply, idiots – and very sad.

Take John. I won’t mention his surname to enable him to maintain a tad of badly needed dignity.

John sent his CV to the maddy@portugalresident email address. He didn’t bother to put any covering information in the main email, just attached a covering letter and a CV.

Don’t hold your breathe, John. You won’t be hearing from us. Shame on you.

Then there’s Jane. Claims to be a journalist and contacts the Madeleine email address to ask … if we could supply her with the telephone number of a local person! Jane – you didn’t say anything about Madeleine. No comforting words; no message of support for the family. Shame on you.

Finally, two spammers managed to pick up the special email address.

One, a US Colonel with several million US dollars he secreted out of Iraq, wants to share the cash with me (yep, just me).

Then there was Alex – he said he works in a bank and said he cannot find any relatives of a man who died in the Korean Airline crash of 1997. That man left 12.5 million US Dollars and Alex was wondering whether I might be interested in getting 25% of the cash.

All I had to do in both cases was send them my personal details.Yeah, right. They are on the way – not.

I don’t know if these spammers will see The Resident in Nigeria, or wherever these last two scams originated.

But if they do – shame on you.