Shame on you, Infralobo

Dear Editor,

I’ve read your articles about the Infralobo water wars with increasing bewilderment since you started reporting them in 2014.

How such a company is allowed to bully residents for so long is beyond me.

I can only imagine how it must feel to be slapped with these ridiculous bills every month. And if it is really true that an Infralobo worker started hacking away at a water metre in one of these people’s homes, then the whole matter goes from bad to worse.

This is certainly not the image that the Algarve wants to promote among tourists and potential expats planning a move to Portugal. Infralobo may be damaging the region’s reputation more than anyone else seems to acknowledge.

Who would want to move here after reading such horror stories? Your home is your sanctuary, and when someone starts to threaten it, it’s logically hard for someone to obtain peace of mind.

Here’s to hoping these residents will obtain the justice they deserve soon.

Michael Phillips
By email