Shall we stay or shall we go? The dichotomy across Europe

The political lexicon slogan being used across the EU!

Brexit certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons – who will be next to fly away from the EU nest?

Well, our friends in the low lands definitely decided not to flock together with the UK, what with the unassailable defeat of the Trump-style hairdo, far right candidate Geert Wilders in Holland. Unequitable or not, the bouffant man only picked up 20 seats of the available 150 in the lower house.

The next litmus test is the French election and here we have another bleached blonde spouting the virtues of disintegration and winning back control from Brussels. Whilst the polls have failed us in the recent past (Trump and Brexit), the French election is shaping up to be an unpredictable race, with Emmanuel Macron closing in on the far-right leader Marine Le Pen in polling for the first round of voting, according to a number of high profile polls.

If the populist centrists win the day, France and Germany (assuming Madam Merkel wins favour once again with her countrymen after the immigration escapade) may use this opportunity to fortify the Union.

Now that the whining kid, in his own castle across the pond, has raised the drawbridge and no longer wishes to be part of the biggest and richest trading block, the emergence of EU expansion and rekindling of the ideology of closer assimilation of EU members, a USE may not be too far from reality. Who knows, we may even see the first female European President …

The 64 million dollar question: Do I stay or do I go? Clairvoyance is a rare ability.

During the proceeding months, I have had to witness a number of expats trying to predict the outcome of Theresa May’s exit negotiations. More specifically, will she unilaterally offer to maintain the status quo to the EU citizens living in UK? This is a high-value card to play without assuring a quid pro quo for UK citizens in the EU.

Nevertheless, I believe it morally correct to counteract the mendacious bunch of loonies that led the Brexit charge without a thought to our many millions of UK expats living in EU. The likes of Nigel Farage seize the opportunity for fame and glory. This leaves the hard slog of meticulously ensuring that the less fortunate amongst us is taken into consideration, so as to assure financial stability.

History throws these leaders at us from time to time, however they are inevitably vanquished forthwith, but not before causing insurmountable damages for future generations to pay the price.

My personal view is that common sense will prevail and the expat community on either side will be left alone to enjoy their stay in the country they call home and not be used as a bargaining chip.

Despite the efforts from the upper house in the commons to sway Madam May and the sacking again of ‘Tarzan’ Michael Heseltine, the new Iron Lady signed Article 50 of the Lisbon accord at the end of March.

For those who remember the TV series back in the 70s, “The Twilight Zone”, the next two years will be a live version and the sound track will be Theresa May singing “Brexit means Brexit and I will do it my way”…

If you are in any doubt about your circumstances relating to the question “shall I stay or shall I go”, I recommend you contact your financial adviser to discuss the issues in a professional environment. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

By António Rosa

António Rosa is Joint Country Manager for Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited in Portugal. Email [email protected] or call 289 355 685.
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