Shake your tailfeather!

Ann Bull is an English state registered chiropodist who started her practice here in January 2003. She works in the Cloud 9 Health and Beauty Salon at Alto Club in Alvor on a Monday and Friday and also operates a house-call service in the Lagos area, for those patients who find it difficult to get about.

Ann and her husband moved here in November 2002 and now live in a lovely village near Lagos. She explained that, although the Algarve is a wonderful place in which to live and work, a real tonic for the heart and mind, Ann has found it terribly hard on the feet and legs. Walking on the pretty uneven cobbles of the pavements and the hard stone floors in the villas and hotels can leave legs and feet sore and tired at the end of the day.

Corns and hard skin can become very uncomfortable and there is nothing worse than painful feet. Sunbathing and the constant wearing of sandals can cause the skin on your feet to become dry and flaking, heels can develop hard skin that can crack, causing painful fissures that are difficult to resolve and thickened hard to cut nails. Discoloured, fungal diseased, in-growing nails and verrucae are also common problems.

Ann’s treatments deal with all of these problems and foot troubles in general. She also offers diabetic foot health checks. So, if you have any foot problems and would like some professional treatment and advice on foot care, then book an appointment at Cloud 9 at Alto Club in Alvor. Call 282 410 831 for a Monday or Friday appointment. House call service call 963 606 175.