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Shake up your style


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Suzy Turner has lived in Portugal for 22 years and works as a freelance writer. As well as putting pen to paper for our Beauty and Parenting pages, she also writes many articles on diverse subjects.

ARE YOU sick of the shops being full of the same clothes all the time? If you feel like you’re a carbon copy of every other person in the streets, be prepared to be delighted by a relatively new website that is trying to change all that.

London-based site is the brainchild of Iris Ben David and is a fun website that allows its users to ‘design’ their own dresses and then have them made for a nominal fee within 10 days.

First, the user chooses the fabric from a selection of cotton or silks and then proceeds to select the type of neckline, sleeves, waistbands, skirt, belts and so on.

It’s great fun for wannabe designers, many of whose designs you can check out in the site’s fashion community.

“StyleShake is a unique shopping experience which combines your input with our expertise to create the most desired looks. This is as close as it gets to haute couture in front of your computer”, says the company.


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a fashion designer, this site will enable you to play to your heart’s content for hours and at the end of it, you’ll have a dress that you can tell your friends, when they ask where you got it, “I designed it myself”.

Another similar website that involves the potential customer is Instead of dresses, this is for lovers of handbags.

With a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, you can design your perfect handbag and have it delivered from the US in around four to five weeks.