Sexy GNR “stripper” gets thumbs-up from appeal court judges

Appeal court judges have absolved the raunchy GNR corporal whose sexy gyrations stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy last year.

Images of Pedro Almeida shaking his well-muscled behind at a crowd of women transported “into delirium” on International Women’s Day (click here masked the sad reality that GNR salaries often fall short of agents’ requirements.

Quizzed as to why he had resorted to stripping for payment, Almeida revealed that he had done it before – though the first time he had been dressed as a sailor.

The decision to put on a “GNR gets down to his underwear” show was seen as “too much” by superiors, who claimed Almeida had even used his service revolver – a disciplinary offence that far outweighs the removal of clothes to ribald enjoyment and loud music.

Almeida was summarily handed a year and 10 months’ suspended sentence, which Porto’s appeal court has now thrown out – saying there is no proof that the gun photographed in the holster as Almeida transported onlookers into delirium was indeed his service weapon.

Lawyer Guilherme Soares Oliveira told reporters that in this situation of doubt, “judges could not condemn Corporal Almeida”.

The young agent’s defence had always been that Almeida’s Glock had remained throughout locked up in his police locker.

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